Distance Learning Programs

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) develops a thorough understanding of the most relevant business and management concepts,
skills and competencies, with attention given to their real world application. Covering numerous subdisciplines, the program provides a comprehensive and holistic overview showing the student how all the parts interact to create value for businesses, customers and the society at large. Its special focus on marketing in the 21st Century, adds an additional unique differentiator to the degree, increasing the graduates’ marketability.
This program is designed for individuals who are either entering the job market or who currently hold junior positions. Given the broad scope of a BBA, the degree provides the necessary foundation for a career in business and management. It is also suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs wishing to gain a better understanding of the various disciplines involved in running their business.

Master Degree

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) integrates the concepts and information of the various business and management disciplines and delivers through a blend of academic content and practical application.  Individual courses focus on understanding external market forces, the business operations and leadership skills needed to address these, and the development of appropriate strategies required for business success.  A practically-oriented, thesis research project at the end of the program, allows the student to synthesize the knowledge acquired throughout the program.

Building on a student’s prior business education and experience, the MBA sharpens the mastery of the various business and management disciplines and explores how these are interlinked to create value in a global market.

This program is ideal for working professionals in leadership roles, regardless if they are employed or running their own business.  It will equip them with a deeper understanding of the many diverse business activities needed to create value and train the leadership competencies they will need to steer organizational resources more effectively. The general nature of the program will give learners a wide range of tools and techniques for transforming ideas and talents into sustained business success.  

Zerah Business School offers specializations that are in high demand in the job market, such as:

MBA Information Technology
MBA Geopolitics
MBA Government & Society
MBA International Law
MBA Law and Management
MBA International Relations and Diplomacy

Doctoral Degree


The Ph.D. program exposes the learner to cutting edge business and management concepts and theory as they apply these to real-world business problems. The students enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills while contributing to the body of professional business knowledge through their own research project (i.e., the dissertation).

Our Ph.D. balances the rigor of academic research, with the practical focus of working professionals. Dissertation topics are applied in nature, i.e., the student will focus their research to solving real issues confronting their organization.

This program is designed for individuals with significant business experience who strive to increase their stature in the business community, either through the pursuit of executive leadership positions or applied business research employments. Certain academic career options are also open.